Running with the tulips

Ah spring… the sweet smell of flowers and change. I love the beginning of a new season, specially the warmer ones.

running with tulips

I got up at 5am today to be able to go for a run in the botanical gardens before work. It was soooo hard to get out of bed, it was 5C. I haven’t been very good at getting up that early this Winter. It’s been too cold and also sometimes I’ve woken up feeling too anxious, it’s hard to get the motivation to get up when your body is so heavy with stress.

Yesterday for instance, for no reason I woke up in a state of panic. I had a very good night of sleep so can’t really find a reason. It took a few rounds of meditation to quieten the mind and de-stress the body. But this left me without the motivation to go for a run.

Today I woke up feeling normal, so despite the cold, I packed my bag rushed to get the train. It was so worth it. Nothing beats nature. And Sydney is blessed with so much natural beauty. The scent of fresh flowers in the garden just kept me going, I ended up running 9km. A fantastic start to an ordinary work day. Feeling blessed.


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