Sunday blues


‘Are we there yet?’ asked my 10-year-old for the hundredth time and I started to wonder why bother trying to encourage good habits. Why didn’t I just pack the tablets before getting in the car? A three-hour car trip didn’t sound like a big deal but I guess my kids don’t often go on long car trips so it must have felt like an eternity to them.

Although they did complain they managed to occupy themselves with kids games and a good deal of annoying quibbling. But before I got totally mental we found some snow in Oberon. I didn’t think we would have to go so far but by Sunday most of the snow had melted – we just kept driving and driving until we found a patch of snow large enough for a snow ball fight.

And it was worth it! We had fun building a snowman and throwing ice at each other. I didn’t think it was worth buying water proof gloves for one hour of snow adventure and that was a bad idea. Our gloves quickly got wet and our hands were freezing. The kids didn’t mind though. Even Snoopy enjoyed our expedition. He loves chasing balls so he went crazy trying to find the flying snow balls that mysteriously disappeared upon touching the ground.

Our snowman

We drove three hours to find a good patch of snow and it was worth it!

We probably spent one hour in Leura (always have to stop in Leura for a good cuppa) and two in Oberon. So in total six hours driving and three hours in the Blue Mountains. I was exhausted by the time we got home. The laundry basket was overflowing and the house was a mess. And today I got up at 5am to get ready to work and finish the lunch boxes. I’ll soon go to bed and the pile of dirty laundry is almost reaching the ceiling and the house is still a mess. There is always tomorrow.



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