Going the Extra Mile to Buy Local

This is my second week of buying local and I continue to be very happy with my decision. I do have to put a bit more effort  because I cannot get decent fruit and vegetables from my local village but I think that with a bit more planning it will become easier.

Buying local

I love going to the markets, everything looks so fresh and healthy. The romantic dream of a simple life…

I am finding that it does cost a little bit more to buy from independent shops but because they have less options you end up buying less items so the extra cost is offset. I am also buying less junk food and you always save when you reduce consumption of that crap.

I’ve been going to the fresh food market outside Westfield Hornsby on Thursdays and get truckloads of fruit and vegetables that last a good week. They are so much fresher compared to the fruit and veggies you get from the supermarket and last much longer – the difference is uncanny.

For groceries, meat and bread I’ve been going to Wahroonga Village. The butcher there is really good and I also like the bread from Baker’s Delight. Because the shops are small and the product range limited I’ve cut down my shopping time by half. I am not wasting time comparing items and walking around like a mouse lost in a maze.

So far so good and I have not plans of going back to the big supermarket chains. I highly recommend buying local.

PS: I broke the rules a little when it came to Easter eggs. I ended up going to Lindt Cafe near my work. I must confess I was feeling a bit uneasy about going there but not because Lindt isn’t a local brand. The memory of the siege is still too real and seeing the plaques for Tori Jonhson and Katrina Dawson was moving. Crowds queued to get served, I guess shopping at Lindt at the moment has a symbolic value for a lot of people.


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